Descent into Darkeness

About The Book

About The Book

Descent into Darkness:

The Sources and Psychodynamics of Mental Illness and Introduction and Explication in the Form of Novel

The purpose of this book is to acquaint educated interested persons with, as well as to help students and professionals in the mental health field learn about the source’s psychodynamics of mental illness. To facilitate learning about the issues involved and in order to make this information more convincing, more intelligible, and hopefully more interesting for the reader, I have cast it in the unusual form of what I call a didactic novel. To my knowledge this has not been tried before. Here the lectures, the discussions, and the arguments are interspersed with dramatizations illustrating how the basic assumptions behind psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are experienced in actual everyday living situations. Also dramatized and discussed are some of the current controversies in the field and the socioeconomic influences that bring pressure on those who practice psychodynamic therapy and influence their theory formation. The approach I have employed enables me to present arguments among proponents of different theoretical orientations and I hope to bring to life the interpersonal difficulties involved in reaching common ground even among trained and experienced therapists. Because of the novel form, terms which may seem unclear at first will be gradually be explained and returned to as we move along in the narrative. The action of the novel as well as the discussions take place on a group tour of ancient Turkey with stops in Berlin and Milan for the ostensive purpose for showing the group how ancient and early historical cultures are piled up on and influence each other, just like the early archaic experiences and fantasies that lie at the bottom of human mentation.

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What People Say

Tim Terry

Maggie is happy with her life that is settled in a comfortable routine encompassing her boyfriend, the food that they both enjoy, her beagle, and her love of online gaming, and, sex. She is also highly clairvoyant and telepathic. Her boyfriend accepts this as a part of her. All of this changes dramatically when an unusual incident impinges on their life and they become involved in a battle between the forces of good and a malignant evil force that threatens not only their life together, but also the future of humanity.


Australian based author Ingrid Fry weaves a spicy, humorous and action packed paranormal fantasy that gives " Descent into Darkness" a resounding bite and vibrant potency. Fry's crisp writing allows her supernatural world to encompass the reader, leaving them hungering for more.

I enjoyed the story, character development, and dialogue. There were plenty of plot twists that I didn’t see coming and that added to the book’s mystique.

M. Hernandez-Alvarez

This story is set in Melbourne, Australia, in the present day. The appearance of a mysterious crystal sphere in to the lives of ordinary couple, Maggie and Jason, lead to a desperate quest for them to save the world. Maggie is a psychic and she is absolutely tortured by horrible dreams. These dreams change her personality and she soon becomes unable to distinguish dream from reality. I found the descent into Maggie’s tortured psyche truly terrifying.

Sol Tyler

What a piece of fiction! Written in the first person, this tale has everything tales need to have: mystery, fantasy, paranormal elements and suspense. This tale is set in Australia and it revolves around the mysterious sequences of events that happen after two humans and a dog had an accidental contact with a mysterious crystal ephere. Maggie, the main character here, has, until now, had a normal life where she followed a routine which included walking her dog every day.

Russ Ann

The collaboration of a human and dog is quite a unique combination for this one. Descent into Darkness is a paranormal mystery adventure story that starts with Maggie's routine life being disturbed at the most unexpected time—when she was walking the dog. I really love stories with settings like this, most especially the ones with special abilities like clairvoyance and telepathy. Plotwise, the story is quite interesting from the start until the end.

Rebecca A.

This book is so action packed until the very last chapter! This story got my blood pumping as if I was running a marathon the whole time. It is a page turner for sure. Maggie is living with abilities to see spirits and she uses it to try to help her in this story. The premise of the book is her trying to save the world from evil entities. The journey is great and I was absolutely glued to the book. I want to point out that I did not put this book down to eat which is something to say because food is important.


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